Veronica Wilson

Veronica Wilson, Founder of Farming Faith

Thanks for stopping by - you’re not going to be hit with a lot of emails or advertisements, but occasionally a few words that jump out at me during prayer time with God where I find hope in Christ.

For years, many of my friends, family and even people whom I didn’t know who were curious about my journey would come seeking my help with their annulment, or even my advice as a wife, mother, friend, or catechist.

The Lord taught me so much, but one of the many words I learned was Obedience.

With that, I jumped into Farming Faith, trusting in God, sharing how He helped me overcome my fears, anxieties, and giving me rest in learning how to forgive.

My journey began 15 years ago... well, honestly a little longer than that. I believe the Lord had been calling me to a deeper faith all my life, and I just chose not to see HIM. Like so many of us do.

While being divorced and remarried I found myself not being able to receive Holy Communion. Being a cradle Catholic, I thought I understood everything.

I went and spoke with my Pastor regarding the process of an Annulment so that I could begin receiving the Lord in Holy Communion. Laying my life out on the table, as I was sobbing and crying, he asked, "Can you forgive those who have hurt you from childhood to now?" I said, "Why does that matter?''

With a smile, he said, "It means everything."

I left there devastated, because the last thing I wanted to do was forgive; it was hard enough remembering. At that point, I began questioning my faith. With every turn I wanted to walk away in disobedience, saying no one has the right to tell me what to do. I felt like these rules were causing me an equal amount of pain.

Then in one moment of desperation, I literally found myself asking the Lord - if He really existed - to show me... and boy did HE.

As my faith began to be shaken up and tossed down where it was supposed to be, I began finding the truth. The truth about God’s Word and how it pertained to me. He showed me everything about Love and Mercy in Him.

And that is where my love story with The Lord, who died for me, began.

Veronica Wilson

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