The Cries

The Cries

In today’s first reading, Isaiah 58:1-9, we hear the Lord say to us to not allow our fasting to be empty. What good does it do to fast and be impatient, quarreling with everyone we meet, holding on to hurts from others or perhaps just the ones we love? They, the ones we love, are the ones who we tend to take things out on or stuff our feelings from, because it is easy; and at times we hold them accountable to things we don’t hold ourselves accountable on… so the Lord says release those bound unjustly, set free the oppressed, share your bread with the hungry, clothe the naked when you see them and do not turn your back on your own; and when you do this, light shall break forth like the dawn, and your own wound shall heal quickly.

So many times we get caught up on our own pains instead of focusing on the needs of others. Or we tend to stuff the pain and neglect calling for help. The Lord tells us many times to call, to cry out, to knock, to lift up our voices and HE will respond: Here I Am!

Call out to Him today, sit with HIM quietly and with a contrite heart open yourself to the whispers of his calling to you. He will help you release bondages against others, He will show you how to set yourself free from oppression and He will show you how to feed and clothe those around you with HIS loving word! All we must do is cry out with a true and contrite heart.

May the light of Christ fall upon you and those of whom you love and hold dear to your heart. Amen +

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