Salt & Light

Salt and Light

Rest. Salt. Light. All very much needed! Too often we have a hard time resting and we may feel as if we are just spinning in circles. I know for me I feel as if I sometimes don’t get any rest. However, the rest I seek is different than the rest God wants from me and gives me.

It took me awhile to realize that; I used to feel that if my prayer life felt dry I must be doing something wrong. I used to also feel that if I weren’t reading a spiritual book or praying the rosary everyday that I was not doing what I was supposed to. Never realizing it was that I was too busy in and out of my day. Then I realized God calls us to rest in many ways, and sometimes that means spiritually from what we are used to doing. So that our prayers won’t become stale.

Now I am not saying stop praying, because I pray constantly throughout my day; however, the difference is how I think of prayer. You see, I don’t beat myself up if I cannot get through the whole rosary. I don’t beat myself up if I listen to the readings of the day instead of sitting down to read them; and in turn what I have come to realize is that when I have those special moments of sitting and reading and moments of praying the rosary, I appreciate them more instead of it being forced.

You see, our spiritual life is like salt if it sits there daily without change it becomes stale. The change salts needs is movement a dash here and a dash there for it to be what it is meant to be in flavor. We too must change our movements with God so that He can use us where He needs us to be light.

The picture above is of a salt mine in Poland. Miners would create spaces for themselves to pray, and they used salt to create light. That is what God wants us to do in Him. He wants us to say YES to his rest in HIM. He wants us to say YES to his flavor of WORD, Jesus Christ and He wants us to be LIGHT to the world in a way where we will be moved and be the movement where light will give HOPE!

So just because silence sits in prayer, never stop praying, change prayer up bit and light will always settle in while we rest in the hands of our CREATOR!

May God be Honored, Praised and Glorified through your light; may the world be flavored in Jesus Christ! Filled in LOVE for one another!

Matthew 5:13-16

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