God Is Calling… Are You Going to Answer?

God is calling

Today’s readings:

  • Isaiah 49:1-6
  • Acts of the Apostles 13:22-26
  • Luke 1:57-66, 80

God is calling; are you going to answer? How often do we miss the opportunities of serving God in others because we miss the call. We don’t understand what is right before our eyes. So often we miss this very important understanding of life. That is, that HE has called each and every one of us by name from birth, from the womb of our mothers.

In the Gospel today, Luke tells us of Zechariah’s obedience to the Lord in saying the name of his son, John. Now this obedience only came to Zechariah after he realized the Lord had found him. That day for Zechariah was already a special one, for he had been chosen to enter the sanctuary of the Lord to burn incense. That is when the Lord had sent his angel, Gabriel, to announce the good news; however, because he didn’t believe the announcement, he was silenced.

Do you ever find yourself in this silence? Thinking that surely that announcement of good news is not meant for me. You immediately begin to tell yourself so many different things like… I know that wasn’t meant for me because (fill in the blank), or you may say, I am not qualified, because (fill in the blank), or it’s too late, the time or the opportunity has passed for me.

Whatever the reason may be, know that God has already called you; He has found you many times in your life. The problem is that we have not answered the call. Why? Perhaps because the call seems so unrealistic; perhaps it’s fear of losing ourselves and whatever accomplishments we have accumulated, or the fear of not accomplishing enough.

I was silent once like Zechariah. I missed opportunities – and like Zechariah – when I realized the Lord called me and found me, I didn’t let the chance get away from me again. I have learned to say Yes, without questions and hesitation. I pray immediately for myself to surrender my will and allow God’s will to flourish.

So no matter the season you are in right now, don’t let life in God pass you by. We are all called to be John the Baptist, preparing the way of the Lord, so that HIS Glory and HIS light will shine through us all. Peace to you, in Christ.

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